Welcome to our foreign-speaking visitors.

We would like to introduce you to our association HAHNEMANNIA.

HAHNEMANNIA is the umbrella organization of the homeopathic associations and was founded on 24th of February 1868 in Stuttgart. Today HAHNEMANNIA has more than 4.000 members nationwide, which are currently organized in almost 40 clubs or belong to the association as individual members.  The union is supported by the Robert-Bosch-foundation in Stuttgart and works closely together with the institute for the history of medicine. HAHNEMANNIA is a member of the European association EFHPA (European Federation of Homeopathic Patient’s Associations).
Homeopathy enjoys increasing popularity among the population. More and more citizens are looking for a more gentle and comprehensive treatment. Unfortunately, this wish is not sufficiently fulfilled by school medicine. HAHNEMANNIA and the other homeopathic associations in Germany have made it their task to win the population for a natural and largely harmless, non-efficacious healing treatment.

By this we want to promote self-responsibility, counter the food-related civilization diseases, in order to reduce the cost explosion in the health care system. Therefore HAHNEMANNIA is committed to the following objectives :

  • Distribution of homeopathy in the population
  • Promotion of homeopathic association-start-ups through financial and ideational support
  • Supporting the clubs in the planning of lectures and seminars
  • Demand of the health policy and legal recognition of homeopathy as an equitable form of therapy in the context of freedom of therapy
  • Financial support for homeopathic clinics and organizations
  • Cooperation with other organizations with complementary forms of therapy

Health is no coincidence. It must be cultivated and newly gained by each individual.